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September: Harvest Month

Harvest is one of the most important events in many cultures around the world. It marks the end of the growing season when it is time to gather crops and celebrate abundance. In the upcoming weeks a lot of festivals will start happening in different regions to celebrate the Harvest.  

Harvest also brings us closer to fall - the season of transformation. As nature and the seasons demonstrate, life is a series of cycles and changes. Through the example of trees that no longer need the leaves as colder weather approaches, the leaves are released. The tree lets go.  

It is important that we also transform and change with the seasons by adapting our mind, body, and practice. Harvest yoga is a season to maintain internal balance and prepare for the upcoming changes in nature as fall approaches.

Just like trees let go and so should we to make room for the new.

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Enrich your life with offerings of natural oils & skincare products, scented candles, handmade prayer journals, jewelry, yoga apparel and more! Hand curated, all natural & cruelty free items conveniently delivered to the comfort of your home every month to help elevate your yoga experience!


"I have nothing but positive things to say! The box itself is always packed with excellent products, a lot of them from smaller businesses you may never have heard of. I love the fact they support small businesses in that way! And every product is great quality and always matches the monthly theme beautifully! The price point is very reasonable for all the wonderful things you receive."

Nancy, M. Austin, Texas

I'm a new subscriber and honestly I'm not one who subscribes to monthly treats. I thought long and hard about getting involved with a subscription service but when I found Yogi Secret it just jumped out at me and I had to join. My first box was amazing. The products are unique and so worth the money. This is a service in which I don't see myself ever discontinuing. If you're trying to bring more zen into your life, and make connections with your inner self, try it out!

Angela, Los Angeles, California

I honestly look forward to receiving this box every month! I love the mix of spirituality, self care and optimal wellness that this box promotes. I also love that it is introducing me to new concepts (such as crystals, chakra oils, etc.) that I can add to my current spiritual practice. If you want something that will lift your spirits and perk you up every month, treat yourself to this incredible subscription box!

Courtney, R. Hudson, Ohio

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